Aly Raymer: The Verbal Dropper in Luon

Not sure you’ve ever had your heart broken folks, but we can tell you, from experience, that it hurts. Aly Raymer, one of the bigger recruiters and hypemasters of her time, left us out in the cold this morning after verbally committing to “seeing [us] tomorrow” last night.

Now, there is a chance that this Lululier thought we were on the same page about another meeting of sorts and that this was just a simple misunderstanding. Maybe she was going up on the chopping block for yet another date auction she needed our support for and just assumed we knew the topic when saying “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Or maybe Aly Raymer (If that’s even your real name!

And please don’t make us do a background check on you to expose a little Don-Adam’s situation if you know what I mean) just assumed we’d signed up for one of her spinnnnn classes at the indoor bicycle studio she teaches at in the South End (Recycle Studio). Yeah, that could have been… yeah… that was the confusion, again on our end, when she emailed the words, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Maybe we’ll never know for sure.

But the truth of the matter in all of this confusion (on our end) is that we do love Aly Raymer and want her in our Monday, Wednesday, Friday mix each and every week for selfish reasons. After all, Aly was a driving force behind #GrassrootsGear Day in August, as well as the gatekeeper for such SOLD OUT events as #NP_Yoga and #NP_Yoga2. Beyond all of that, Aly brings a smile and an energetic vibe to each NP session and you really do KNOW when she shows up (or doesn’t).

Aly Raymer, we felt an extra cold chill when the workout started and ended without you today on this very last Wednesday of November 2012. We knew around 6:35A that you had indeed broken your “verbal” and were not going to show your face. For this we are sad, heartbroken, and most of all…

We Missed You Aly Raymer

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