Alpen Glow (DEN)

There was a magical minute today near the end of the workout. The tribe had pushed it hard for 25-minutes on the Capitol Building Stairs. They were sweaty, it was dark, fall was in the air. Then all of a sudden during the partner pushup/squat circuit, everyone was beaming. The sun had risen high enough in the sky to paint the clouds pink and reflect a glow off every single tribesmate that caused me to rejoice: “You are all glowing, I love you.” This was the damn honest truth.

There are special moments like this that make each workout unique. That time you finally remembered that girls name and could finally embrace as ‘friends’, that time the Taylor Swift song came on the boombox and everyone synced their pushups to the beat, that time it snowed and we made angels in the landscape… ah yes, memories. The best memories are made outside, in nature, with your tribe, while devouring stairs and getting stronger. Be proud of yourselves for being captured in today’s morning glow.


Lieutenant Flanniel

FRI 6:15A: Flannel Friday !!! We will commandeer Fillmore Plaza in Cherry Creek for 45-minutes. We’ll jump, dip, & plyo into the wknd together. Meet in front of Lululemon (2nd and Fillmore St).

WED 6:15A (5:30A Early Group): Civic Center Amphitheater. Recruit Recruit Recruit. NP5280 is building our tribe family up to 100 members by our 1-year anniversary (October-23). The tribe is only as awesome as the awesomeness of each of our members. So let’s introduce others to our wild workout ways. Let them in on our little secret. We will hit 100, and the November Project Empire will have 3,014 awesome people who #JustShowUp.  We’re talking to you: @TrackJenny, @hickforco, @qmillertime @drewmoor.

5:30A Early Group - Denver Capitol Stairs
5:30A Early Group – Denver Capitol Stairs


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