Allow myself to introduce….myself? (IND)

I am honored, giddy, humbled, excited, nervous, scared…basically look at the entire block of face emojis, and that describes my feelings as I got announced at the new #NP_IND co-leader.  I honestly can’t wait to get going and have a great leader and NP Indy founder in Bobbie Werbe to look up to as we try to grow this thing. 

I was introduced to November Project (last November ironically enough) through Colleen, a HARDCORE fellow tribe member, who I worked out with at the gym doing boot camp classes.  She urged me several times to #justshowup to which I initially responded “so you want me to wake up at 5:30am to run stairs in snow??? ” and reacted accordingly. Well one year and hearty platter of crow later, Wednesday mornings are my favorite part of each week.  I’ve always been active and competitive and always look for an outlet.  While I love my hockey beer leagues and intramural kickball, I was still looking for something that was going to force me to push myself beyond what I could do just running by myself on the Monon Trail.  BOOM…that’s NP week in and week out.

A huge “holy shit” moment came during a Labor Day trip to NYC for the US Open where I joined #NP_NYC for two ass whoopins’ (Banner photo cred), it was the first time I had done NP in another city and I was amazed at the number they had at their workout, the tribe’s positivity, and the welcome they showed me and my sister (who was a newbie at the time).  I got to see first-hand that this is thing is LEGIT, it goes WAY beyond just an amazing weekly workout.   This is a community.  And if I go to another member of the #iron26, I will always have hug waiting for me on Wednesday morning.    


As a movement…NP is my JAM.  I love the grassroots element, #justshowup, #freefitness, all of it. As a group…I couldn’t love the #NP_IND tribe more.  A Washington D.C. transplant, Indianapolis has become my home and I couldn’t be happier here.  I am so f*cking pumped to grow this tribe and take this city over (Lord knows if you’ve ever been to the Indiana State Fair, it is in need of some #freefitness).  This tribe goes hard in the paint – from crushing stairs and burpees to recruiting friends, and I have the utmost confidence that we are going to blast off.  Anyone I have personally invited and has shown up has loved it and is all in.  The word is getting out, we are spreading, and we ain’t stopping any time soon.   Thanks to November Project for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing movement, to #SuchWerbe for putting her confidence in me to help lead, and #NP_IND to letting me show up and scream obscenities at 5:28 in the morning.


Jason Shaw

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