Alliteration Monday

The convention center stairs have done it again. Here’s the beat down…I mean breakdown:

Basic Brutality of San Diego Stairs:
1. Fancy Footwork
2. Sasquatch style squat jumps
3. Illustrious Inch-worms
4. Searing side shuffles
5. Run, Rage, Run, Repeat
6. Please don’t forget to Parkour

Shout outs to our Vermontonian, our NP first timah and those Wednesday vets who left the safety of Kate Sessions to tear apart the stairs this morning! Another set of props to #nakedkyle who beasted 26.2 miles of Spartan insanity this weekend – and still managed to make it this morning – which makes most of your excuses for not Rising and Shining this Monday morning now insignificant – we’ll see you next week!

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