All Work and No Play is No FUN! (YEG)

Today’s blog is brought to you by Judy, who is doing everything she can to make up for missing last friday.

Today was one of those wonderful days where we accidentally got in shape. Those are some of the best workout days. I heard a lot of people today saying “time is up?”, and that they couldn’t possibly have worked out for 30 minutes. Some Mondays are heavy on the push-ups, others are heavy on the fun; for a holiday there is no better way than to accidentally get a workout in.

As with all the parks we visit, this one has a story. You can make your own assumptions about Jackie Parker, or read on to find out why our great city would name a park after some dude named Jackie from Knoxville, Tennessee. Jackie has strong ties to our Wednesday workouts actually! He played for the Esks from 1954-1962 and was actually nicknamed “Ol’ Spaghetti Legs” #fact. He won a huge slew of awards, came back to coach the Esks and never left the CFL despite being offered more money to play in the NFL, because his sweetheart Peggy like Canada too much. Such a sweet guy, and I’m sure he would have approved of our shouts of “I LOVE THIS CITY” and the goal laps!

I saw some pretty epic looking crabs, monkeys and frogs (oh my!) out there today, and heard an awful lot of terrible singing of childhood songs & national anthems. I also saw some terrible cartwheels and a group of kids on the monkey bars with the toughest hands & best attitudes! Extra high fives to anyone that shows up on summer vacation (that’s you little dudes & dudettes!!) It warms my heart having tribesboys and tribesgirls!!

See everyone Wednesday at the RG stairs, I promise, that despite my reign as “Queen of Burpees”, there will be substantially less burpees this week!


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