All the Good

Today is a good day.  It’s not a perfect day.

We had another beautiful (and WARM) morning on the Summit Ave hill with some sweet stair spice, and if you showed up, you know just how good that was.

It was good to see some faces of tribe members who we haven’t seen in a while.

It was good to get hugs.

It’s good to be able to run or injury deck, and move our bodies.

It’s good to see the sun rise.

It’s good have a community of support.

It’s good to challenge ourselves to run a little faster, harder, or chase that person ahead of you up the hill and stairs.

It’s good play with Micah and Grace (and Jordanna) at the top of the hill because they are NP’s biggest fans and we are recruiting them one by one.  (soon we’ll have Grace leading the “Good Morning” “Are you good?” portion of the warm up)

It’s good to have community and friends who surround you with love and who shine a light when things get tough.

It was good this morning to honor Fenway Cain, a pup with a beautiful soul who was just as much a member of the NP Boston tribe as his parents Jarod and Danielle Cain and anyone else.  Bojan wrote about Fenway’s strength and the power of a community like NP just before Fenway went in for surgery last September to have one of his legs removed due to cancerous tumors.  Part of me just wants to re-post Bojan’s message–to ask all of you to look at what is GOOD around us, even when…especially when things aren’t perfect.  Although Fenway is no longer physically with us, the good is that he is free from his battle with cancer.  The good is he and his positivity, love, and awesomeness are with us.

The good is in us and in this powerful community.

Today, please go see the good.  Be the good.  Appreciate and celebrate the good.  Because it will never be totally perfect.

But it will always be good.

Think about it…we don’t ask you, “Are you perfect?” or “Are you awesome?” We ask you, “Are you good?” And the answer is always, and forever: Fuck Yeah.

DESTINATION DECK: The workout on Monday will be in Harvard Square, BE THERE (or be square).

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