All Play & No Work (YEG)

I have two weekday morning alarms, 5:00 and 5:10…it always feels like I am treating myself when I allow myself to sleep those extra 10 minutes (which is most mornings). Today, on my day off, my alarm was set for 4:40AM…what?!…yup that’s right…4:40AM, which is pretty much the middle of the night. Any alarm that stars with a number less then 5 is considered middle of the night in my books. 2 years ago, I’d have probably said that they only reason you should have an alarm set for a time that is prior to 6AM is that you have to get to the airport for an early flight to a tropical destination.

And yet here I am, on my day off, setting a alarm for 4:40. Why you may ask, its simple, today I don’t have to rush off after hill. Instead of having to drive to the hill so that I can get in my car to make my way home in order to get to work in time I was able to meet some tribemates to run 3K to the hill, do hills with the tribe and then enjoy a cool down run with great company. It is only on my days off that I can add in this extra community time and it is worth every second of those 20 minutes that I stole from my sleep time. It is truly the best way to start everyday, especially the days off!

Most of you will have Monday off as a holiday , so instead of using your day off as an excuse sleep in not to show up, use the fact that you have a day off as the perfect reason to #JUSTSHOWUP!

Monday’s workout is going to be amazing…the destination in and of itself is spectacular (Fort Edmonton Footbridge). We will be tagging Monday so if you’ve been coveting some #grassrootsgear bring a light colored top (we only spray using black) and we’ll get you all tagged up! Drop your verbals for the holiday Monday workout HERE


Hope Mission Kids in Action Run is still looking for volunteers to run with a child who has been training since the fall to do a 5K race. This will prove to be the greatest 5K you’ll participate in! Register HERE for the MAY 30 event

Pride Run & Walk–  Registrations are accumulating, already over 125 participants have signed up for the inaugural Edmonton Pride Run and Walk. Register HERE for the June 13 event

Until next time…SMILE! J

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