All Out Dash, All Love, Always #FREE @Nov_Project

The workout at 6:30AM was a 30-35 min on-your-own warmup with a 7:05AM meeting at the bottom of Summit Ave to race an all out DASH for one take of the beastly hill we’ve all grown to love. That’s right, the scores (below) are the times recorded for one hill at full speed.

This hill is almost a half mile uphill at a grade that I don’t even want to think about. The tribe took to the challenge and posted some pretty impressive times. Like our #FrogMan1 time and the PR hunt we always keep in mind on WEDNESDAY, this is a good metric for anticipating “total climb time” for future workouts. Plan to do this dash again at least one more time before spring. We know we’ll see some serious time trimmed and even more hugs exchanged.

Now, more than ever, The Tribe Is Strong. Need proof? See the many photos posted today on Facebook in a November Project album called “Dash, Love, November Project.” Have a great weekend and we’ll see you Monday at the weirdest #DestinationDeck of all. #SullivanStationDeck map is here.

We bounced around before the workout.
We raced one hill all out.
We hugged after the workout.
We still love the heck out of November Project.
Wish you were here.


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