All Conditions MEANS All Conditions. Today’s #PositivityAward

Today was the coldest day of 2013. With a few new faces in the crowd and a few inches of ice and snow covering the entire stadium, we hit the Charles River path to do a simple loop. For future reference, it will be very helpful to learn the names of the bridges and the sides of the river* because both Bojan and I will be using these “loops” as a constant backup for unsafe stadium days and our lingo WILL be weird sounding. When we return to this loop or any other along the way, always know that you can/should take the option of doing a second or third loop.

Today’s November Project #PositivityAward goes to all members who came out today. That’s right, the entire tribe that formed this morning at the stadium, in the dark, to get in a workout in any condition, earned the high honors. Congrats to those who were with us – Please post your name in the COMMENTS section below.

Remember that this time of year there are tons of fakers lining up at elyptical machines around the city. They plop away with their headphones and glossy People Magazines. They are not having anywhere near as much fun as we are. They are not getting half as fit while burning twice as much time. They exchange zero hugs. And in a few short weeks they’ll be back in bed and back into skipping workouts. YOU are driving a new culture and movement each and every time you join the tribe. You smile, look, race, train, and remain at a high level.

Keep recruiting this time of year so that we can continue to change the way Boston thinks about fitness, community, and the cost of a great booty (#FREE).

Upstream: Away from Downtown Boston & The Boston Harbor.
Downstream: Heading toward Downtown Boston & The Boston Harbor.
Cambridge side: The side of the river that is oposite of Boston.
Boston side: Cambridge side.
Bridges (From the Boston Harbor to Community Rowing – heading upstream): See link – there are many.

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59 Replies to “All Conditions MEANS All Conditions. Today’s #PositivityAward”

  1. Fuck Yeah, #Weatherproof and accomplished in the new year! Great to see everyone who was out today. #Verbaling for Friday too. Who’s with me? #VerbalWhisperer

  2. Made it to the stadium by 6:35 am and everyone was gone…alas. Still ran around like a little kid outside. #Verbal for Friday!

  3. Fuck Yeah! And another Fuck Yeah for Lauren (don’t know your last name). Awesome job getting up to run with the tribe for the first time, EVER!

  4. Fuck Yeah…! Special shout out to ala carte yet solid NP member, Mirabai Perfas for throwing down the gauntlet for the final kick to the finish. Safe travels!

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