All By Mattself (DCA)

Hopefully this never happens to you. It’s something I would never wish on anyone. You start to bounce. You look around for that pom-pom hat you always see. It’s not there. That lowly feeling. The heart dips and you feel an ache in every inch of your body. That moment when someone breaks a #Verbal. Some even say that an angel LOSES it’s wings every time someone breaks a verbal. Heads up. Angel down. Someone call a doctor.

To be honest, it can happen to the best of us.

There’s the time you #JustShowUp to the wrong place (cue music):


There’s the time you wake up and your hair grew an excessive 16 inches that night:


There’s the time when you try to make friends with someone only to realize it’s a zebra:


But if/when you #verbal to your friends…and then dare them to screenshot it…you better show.


But it’s not about the fact that you missed a killer workout. It’s that your friends showed up because you would be there…and then you let them down. Next time, follow through. We’re not mad. Hurt? Frustrated? Sad? You know what’s coming. We’re DISAPPOINTED. #WeMissedYou Matt Cassi. Hope you can get to the hair salon for a trim before Monday.


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