On Monday we kicked off our #BACKTOSCHOOL month here at November Project San Francisco. A whole month of recruiting, silly back-to-school themed workouts, and donating school supplies. We put our feelers out to the non-profits of San Francisco asking if anyone was in need of school supplies and Larkin Street Youth Services was the first to respond. They’re a great organization that specializes in assisting homeless and runaway youth in San Francisco. Check them out! If you can, please BRING SCHOOL SUPPLIES to any of our workouts throughout the month of September and we will transport them to LSYS. Thank you!

Since today was the first workout of our #BACKTOSCHOOL month, we decided to get downright algebraic! And it was awesome!


Paddy and Dan stayed up late into the night (read: 10:30pm) creating the perfect algebra equations to challenge the tribe with. We placed 7 exercise stations throughout the park with an equation at each. NPSF-ers were challenged to solve for X and do that many of each exercise. For instance:

Q:           2^X = 32

A:            X = 5 Burpees

Paddy was a little worried that the tribe wouldn’t be able to handle such complex and difficult formulas. I guess he doesn’t have that much faith in you all! Luckily, Dan knew that the folks of NPSF weren’t just incredible physical specimens, but beautiful academic minds as well.

a beautiful mind

Perhaps we should have been more worried about our OWN math skills. Of the 7 equations, only 5 solved to round numbers. Consequently, the tribe had difficulty completing 3.2 lunges and 10.67 sit-ups. But let’s get real here, 5 for 7 ain’t that bad, that’s like 92%!

Finally, since the whole point of algebra is to “find x,” we ended with a literal interpretation that put LA Tod in the hot seat.

Find X

With the entire NPSF tribe planking for their dear lives, Tod ran a perimeter of the park looking for a small X that we drew out in chalk. The tribe had to hold their plank until Tod found the X and made it back to the center of the park. Tod was successful and much rejoicing ensued!

THIS FRIDAY! Hills are at the sand ladder up from Baker Beach. Start your car pooling plans now!

6:22am. BE THERE!

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