Aleta…More Like Alota…BROKEN VERBALS (DCA)

A love letter. From your bestie. About her broken heart. 

To my most significant other, Aleta…


We have been together for over 4 years at this point… and boy have we been through a lot.

We ran your first half marathon together,


We ate (and finished) a 32oz steak dinner + sides advertised for 4 people together,


We even climbed a mountain together.


During our best friendship, there have been many more ups than downs. But this morning was probably the downest of the downs.


I know… I’m shocked too.

You verbaled. You verbaled hard. I watched you set not one, but TWO alarms last night in preparation. You said you would be there.


But alas, 6:29 came. Maybe you were running a little late. Maybe you were on the other side of the crowd. It didn’t even cross my mind you might not come. We just celebrated your 1 year NPversary. We just went to your first summit.

Maybe you got lost on your way over trying to catch em all.

aleta18Maybe you were chilling on a bird.

aleta14Maybe you were cooking a bird.

aleta10One time you woke up and biked all the way to a workout, only to discover it was in fact 3:30am. You’ve been 3 HOURS early to a workout before. Not this morning. Not today. I guess you weren’t that excited to see us anymore.

You used to be SO excited.

aleta15Baby Aleta would never dream of breaking a verbal.

aleta3Steve Buscemi wouldn’t have broken a verbal.

aleta7But Aleta, you broke a verbal. And you not only broke a verbal, you broke our hearts.

aleta11We can’t believe it either.


We aren’t mad, just disappointed.  


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