Al Gurman, We Celebrate You at November Project

Today we officially salute a man who kept things fun, funny, and positive. Al Gurman was saluted here in Boston, over in San Francisco, Middle-North in Madison, and way-the-heck-up-North in Edmonton, for a life well lived. Al passed away last Friday a few hours after the workout. Because of the speed of communication in 2013 we were able to get the word out quick, because of the fanatic LOVING humans at November Project we were able to activate just as quick. This morning we rocked purple and mustaches in honor of Al, the father of the NP Madison chapter (Ted Gurman – Adidas shirt, front/center in the MSN photo), and made sure to keep smiles on our faces and community on our minds.

Like I said this morning, there is no need to go on and on. Today is not meant to be sad, its meant to remember and to celebrate life. Ted Gurman and the Madison crew will lead as we push on past today. Smash a smile onto the front of your pretty little heads and march on into the next number of days, weeks, months, and years in this beautiful life. Al was a fan of what you’re doing… keep having fun and keep doing it.

Ted & Gurman Family: November Project loves you and is beyond thankful that you are a part of this unstoppable movement. Below are the four official cities in our November Project tribe. If there are other humans racers in cities tuning in who are looking to get in on what we’re doing please go to here for full details on how to pledge.

SF NOTES: Today @Nov_Project_SF…

EDMONTON NOTES: Today, for the first time officially, @Nov_ProjectCAN…

WISCONSIN NOTES: Today, in the rain, with friends, at the foot of Abe, @Nov_Project_MSN…


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