Ain’t No Thang, Chicken Wang (LAX)

Let’s talk about letting go for a second.


It’s hard. I struggle with it personally. Things hang on your mind, taking up far more space then they deserve. Work, life, love, whatever… we all experience a time where some kind of shit sets up camp in your brain and refuses to make the move in quiet.


What we aim to do is make your workout such a party that it completely drowns everything else out. You can walk into these workouts however you want, but if you’re willing to join us and let go for that short, sweet hour… I promise you’ll forget you were ever worrying about anything in the first place. And that good feeling carries into your day, into your night… it can build momentum if you let it. But you have to let it, to be willing to #justshowup. It doesn’t start at just physically getting there, it’s having the mindset of “for the next hour, I can. I am everything that I want to be and more.”


Today at Runyon Canyon we added a little bit of goofiness to your usual ass-kicking workout just for that extra push to smile as you did burpees over a rising skyline of Los Angeles. Hopefully you learned a thing or two while squatting off with a new friend, shout to Elise who I DEFINITELY did more than ten squats with because dammit she had a great story to tell.


Come join us and let go of what ails you for one to three hours of your week. Come work out your demons and truly feel accomplished because the people around you will be genuinely invested in your improvement. This shit is pretty good, all it takes is showing up. Ain’t no thang, baby.




NP YOGA – Mon Feb 15, 6:30 am @ Modo Yoga LAEmail with the word VERBAL in the subject to reserve a space in class. Space is limited and latecomers will not be admitted, so please arrive at least 15 minutes early! Mats and towels will be available to rent for a few dollars.

LA MARATHON POSTER/TAGGING PARTY – Wed Feb 10th, 7:00 pm. Bring posters, markers, glitter, whatever else you want to make posters with. We’ll also be tagging #grassrootsgear! Facebook event with all of the details right here!

LA MARATHON #CHEERGANG – Sun Nov 14, 8:00 am @ Mile 18 (Santa Monica & Century Park East) Come use your freshly made signs to cheer on NP’ers and marathoners alike to the finish from Mile 18 on the course. Facebook event with all of those details here!


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