Ahead to the Past – We Missed You Sara (BOS)

I still remember it like it was yesterday. You were standing in the doorway of the photo suite, wearing a black dress and grey cardigan, hair pulled back, sensible flats… Hold on, it was yesterday. And this was what you said when talk turned to the stadium: “The Old Me woulda said, ‘Well, mayyyyyybe…’ But this New Me is saying, ‘I will be there. Yep.’” Even though you’d been coming to NP less than a month, you seemed so sincere, so proud of your new-found, committing-like-a-bossness. As your recruiter, I felt a swell of pride, too. But I guess the Old You musta opened a can of antenna-flavored Whup-Ass! on the New You during the night, because as I scanned the 5:30 crowd, I saw nothing but a yawning, five-foot-one, ponytailed chasm. Somewhere at the bottom of that void the New You was down for the count, face all pillow-scarred, eyes stuck shut with sleep goop.

But I’m actually grateful to you, Sara. After two years, this is my first We Missed You post and I like to experience all parts of NP. Your ear-shattering absence also got me through a sopping, workout-in-a-convection-oven workout. For a while, I was distracted peeping for you (perhaps she came in a little late, maybe my eyes are going, lots of ponytails bobbing about). When I finally faced the cold, hard truth, I spent much of the rest of the workout thinking about this post. Next thing I knew, time was called. Appropriately, the workout you traded in for a few extra rapid-eye-movements was called Back to the Future. This is how it works: at the sound of every “bristle” (keep showing up to learn the meaning), we were forced to march back a section (or two) and repeat the hard work, adapting to the setback, redoubling our commitment, and relishing the rare opportunity for a do-over. All kinds of morning wisdom pouring down our backs and into our shorts. And it sucked so good (so good! so good!). But you missed those lessons, Sara, apparently when you needed them most. And we missed you. (The New You that is. That Old You’s a devil woman).

contributed by Ethan Bookman

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