A Year in Review

That was it folks. The last workout of 2015.

Can I just be the first to say–WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?

What HAPPENED IN 2015?!? What a year. For me, for Boston, for World Takeover.

We started with the worst winter in the history of Boston. DEE’s efforts were absurd and inspiring and I hope I can be half the leaders they were throughout last winter because sitting where I am now–f*ck, that must’ve been hard.* But the winter eventually thawed and gave birth to spring.

During The Boston Marathon tons of you knuckleheads volunteered to stand in the freezing rain and hand out water, and even more of you showed up to run–some on no notice at all. And run you did. All the way through spring to summer.

This summer was hot and awful and sweaty and awesome. There were days that I didn’t know if I’d make it to section 1. There were days I hated my alarm, and days I sprung out of bed in a moments notice ‘cause I couldn’t freakin wait to see you guys.

In September EmC2 were handed the keys to the Kingdom of Boston, and my life changed seemingly overnight. Yearbook photos, Summit, Better than Bedtime. There’s a lot that goes into co-leading a November Project Tribe, but so much more that comes out of it. The amount of positivity and badassery this tribe brings every single day is overwhelming. Whether it be from absurdly detailed notes of gratitude, a facebook message, or just a “Dude, today was awesome” after the workout, you guys have been extremely gracious and understanding in the transition. You should all be proud of the community we’ve built together and have the luxury of calling ours. 2015 has been phenomenal.

I think the lesson we’ve all come to learn is, life is better with November Project. Sure you miss out on sleep every now and then, and spray painted clothes take up a larger percentage of your wardrobe with each passing day, but you also can’t fit into your old jeans cause your quads are too jacked, your butt’s a little too donk-y. You may have even started hugging strangers, or your boss, or your interviewer (true story). The thing is, NP makes our lives better, fuller, and fitter. We show up for each other, to hug, to bounce, to see our friends, and #fithappens.

2015 was great, perhaps the greatest year of my life, and 2016 is shaping up to be better. Can it be better!? Is that actually possible?!? Only time will tell. You should probably #justshowup and find out.


Much Love and Happy New Year,

  • Chris


*thats what she said.**

**did I just “That’s what she said” a heartfelt statement? Yes. But this is November Project. This is where weirdness and love intertwine.

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