A Recipe for #BaltiPOUR (BAL)

This morning’s workout brought to you by AllRecipes and the city of Baltimore, Maryland.


  • 45 Baltimore City AND County residents
  • 1 hill, approx. 0.22 mi in length
  • 2 street lights
  • 1 dog, preferably husky
  • 15 min of rain, approx. 2 inches
  • 3 decks of cards
  • 100 games of war
  • 1 box of chalk
  • Sprinkling of tri-cep dips
  • Dash of pushups
  • Handful (average sized) of star jumps
  • 4 locked bicycles
  • 2 cameras, preferably one gopro

Prep: 30 minutes // Cook: 45 minutes // Ready: immediately

  1. Set the morning to a breezy 60 degrees (15.55 degrees Celsius)
  2. Prep with cards and chalk in designated locations. Be mindful of streetlights
  3. Gather 45 residents and 1 canine into a bounce, and stir in hugging and passerbys
  4. Begin clear, concise workout instructions and layout. Takes approximately 90 seconds.
  5. Watch 45 residents as they run hills, complete one full game of war, and return for the sprinkling, dash, and handful of your ingredients above
  6. Ensure documentation of steps 4-5 with 2 cameras.
  7. Coat tribemembers in the approximate 2 inches of rain. Be generous.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for approximately 45 minutes and let it simmer with the allowance of breaks, water, and cursing.
  9. Admire your kitchen work with a group photo

Tip: to bake in moisture, wrap each individual in aluminum foil


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