A Quiet Storm (LAX)

He might kill me for doing this but we gave the positivity award to Robert Carter today and I am going to talk about it some more. Sorry dude but you’re great. I said it a little bit after the 5:30 today but Robert is someone, for me, who exemplify’s one of the most important things about November Project and that’s showing up as you are.


November Project can be intimidating. It’s not often any more that places like it exist in our world, places were all people have license to be themselves and show up just how they are. Unless you were a drama kid, like me, and hung out with a gregarious gaggle of lovely and insecure teens, you may have never experienced anything like it. We don’t get the kind of permission to do behave in certain ways in our daily life.

The loudest voice is the one that usually gets the most attention for a pretty obvious reason. The one who carry’s on and puts him or herself in the spotlight will naturally seem like they are at the center of what’s going on. In some cases this may be true but historically speaking, it’s rare that you find a strong, outgoing personality without a few others that are not as loud in the mix (See Walt and Roy Disney).


But who do these loud voices have to speak to? A crowd isn’t made up of one person. A movement isn’t generated by the ideas of one voice. A community isn’t something that exists around a single entity. There are other pieces at work here and those other pieces are the what make up the bulk of things like NP.

Many of you out there in the November Project-o-sphere are like Robert Carter. You show up. You don’t like to be made a spectacle of. You don’t yell. You don’t often give a resounding “Fuck yeah!” You may not even really like the hugs (very few of us really like the sweat part). But NP is about fitness and bodies and minds and when you bring your body and your mind to NP you are changing the chemistry of what’s happening around you. It’s a waterfall of influence and person by person, high five by high five we all effect one another.


Some of us like to scream, some of us like to joke and some of us like to stay quiet, strong, positive and, in Robert’s case, also fast AF. Know that if you are someone who is more quiet, more reserved or more private, we respect the shit out of that and you’re welcome here too. In fact, you’re just as important a part as anyone else. So keep showing up, keep bringing the heat and keep being you because that’s what this space is for: bringing your favorite version of yourself.

Do great LA.


FRIDAY – 6:27 am @ Echo Park Lake

  • Meet at the lady statue on the north side, location in the tracker


  • Perfect excuse to complete your NP Homework… bribe them with a spray painted shirt!
  • 1 shirt per person, remember to pick them up after

NP MIXER – WED 9/28, 8:00 @ The Parlor

  • Come one, come all, don’t drink and drive.
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