A New Home (YEG)

It was great to finally go to what feels like a new home for us. I’m not quite sure if that location has been named yet. I’m sure it would be a sponsored park, likely having something to do with Fruit of the Loom.

We should probably address the elephant in the room/park. This park was paid for by tax payers money. Yes, we spent 97% of of NP-related revenue on this park, and there is a Community Levy that will cover the balance of the cost, but let’s call a spade a club. This park will be used frequently by us as we increase membership numbers and line our pockets with more memberships at the outrageous price of #freeninetynine. As we prosper, we are excited by what we (mostly the construction crew) created here. We believe we are transforming our downtown core. This park, in conjunction with future November Project Canada workouts is going to change our city for the better and I have no doubt that this park will attract world class talent from the NP world (31 cities).

The negotiations of this park was a bit rocky. While there was a threat that we might relocate NP Canada at one point, it was never going to happen. We have only ever wanted to build a world class tribe and a world class city. This redefines what parks can be. It’s friendly, it’s classy, it’s nice, and it’s warm, and I truly believe Edmontonians are going to brag about the park for eternity. And you know what they say about eternity…

My only concern is if there is enough parking in the area, and if we will be able to solve global warming at this park. I’m confident that we can. In the words of a tall man, anything is possible. In any event, I look forward to sharing your unnamed (possibly) park with all Edmontonians very shortly.



Wednesday is at Commonwealth for possibly the FINAL? stadium day of the year. Don’t come. It won’t be fun. You won’t like it. You’ll regret it. Nothing interesting will happen. #antihype


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