A morning of play (Ottawa)

Children learn through play. They learn to engage, develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills through peek-a-boo, building blocks, learning to sit with friends, crawl to get toys, pulling to stand to get to food or reach our parents, clapping, singing, jumping, then getting strong enough to slide down a slide and climb a ladder, kick a ball, play a sport. Children benefit strongly in their development from exposure to various textures, shapes, positions and people.

We are encouraged to do this when we are little, even when we are at school at recess time. When did this stop? Potentially when some peer influences declared it wasn’t so cool anymore, an injury, a big move to a new city, lack of a safe place to play, or new things became challenging that we were afraid to fail, and maybe even avoided physical activity all together. We are at risk for living a sedentary lifestyle and quickly fall into daily habits as a working person and play isn’t part of our life at all.

If we look hard enough, and want to make a change, we can find people who haven’t followed this path, or have worked to get back on track with exposure to new activities, learning new motor skills, being okay with failing, and working hard to practice to get better. As adults, we continue to benefit from being outside of our comfort zone emotionally and physically. We benefit from putting our body in positions to figure out where it is in space, and making movement FUN. These are the kinds of activities that keep us coming back, that allow us to find joy in the movement, that feel good, that feel fun and make physical activity one that is sustainable. That’s what we have experienced anyway and we think there is some research to back it up….

Today, NP provided this space. We played on a playstructure for 30 minutes at 6:29am to start our Canada day. We parkoured up ramps, we balanced on various size beams, we traversed rope, we climbed rope, we spun, we slid down slides, we jumped forwards, attempted to jump backwards, we walked, stepped up and down, lunged on unfamiliar surfaces and angles, used our hands, feet, core, legs, and ran around with smiles on our faces.

Thank you to our guest photographer, we will share those smiley photos soon!

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful Canada day. THank you for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us. We are proud to be Canadian and have these spaces to go move about and play.


  1. Wednesday- stadium stairs 6:29am
  2. We still have buffs (for real this time) $5
  3. Go read a guest blog from another city

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