A Mayor, A Birthday, A Perfect Monday! (YEG)

How much can you fit into the span of 3 days? Well…when you are November Project Canada you can do A LOT! Think of it…Friday we kicked off our first birthday with a champagne toast courtesy of the lemons and then it was full force from there…there was an NP wedding Saturday and then our official birthday bash Sunday…and then we made it to today…the workout to mark our one-year anniversary!

And if you think that was a busy weekend…look at what we accomplished today..

We had NEWBIES! Now, while all of our newbies are important and welcomed…there was one newbie that had dropped a verbal this weekend that we’ve been waiting a long time for…our Mayor of Edmonton, Don Iveson. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we are the first NP city to have recruited their mayor. What an awesome testament to what we already know…Edmonton really is the greatest city to live in and we love the support we get from all levels of our community!


We had TEAM SPIRIT! Today, in our teams of 6 (or so…for those who struggle with their numbers) we completed various challenges. Love the squat hold while singing O Canada and the log rolls across the soccer field with a dizzy sprint back. Loved watching tribies running with parachutes and doing pull ups on the goal post cross bar. Also loved the playground antics…running up slides, jumping over bears, spinning on pyramids and…doing squats on the top of the roof?


We had a POSITIVITY AWARD RECIPIENT. Even though we may not cheer for the same team during the Battle of Alberta, we do run the same stairs, hills and circuits each and every week and we can count on Deryck to push himself and challenge his limits each time. deryck

We had A LOT OF PEOPLE come and join our community today (and over the last year)…the energy was awesome…the workout fun…We’ve come along way in the past year but we’ve also totally held true to what we believe in…we are a free fitness, community building, fun loving, sweaty hugging, high 5ing tribe…and we are always here…Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning…no matter the weather, no matter the occasion, no matter anything…we will be there for you!


Speaking of being there every MWF…Meet Wednesday morning…5:58 at Commonwealth Stadium Gate 2. Nadim and Judy have the reigns for the next few weeks as I am off to explore Singapore (there will be a deck of cards in my pack) and Andrew’s in BC. Work hard & remember…You can do anything for ____insert time here___!

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