A Love Letter to YEG

Dear NP Canada,

We like to say that we are building a community, and accidentally getting fit at the same time. As I read through each of your cards this morning, it is very clear to me, that we have built the foundation of a strong community. A community that is not only kind and generous, but a community that is also fast and fierce. We are rounding up the best people this city has to offer. They say there are power in numbers, and when this many good people come together, we can make Edmonton a better place.

We may tell you to bounce and take your picture, but the truth is, you are the ones that are making the difference in this city. You are the ones spending your Saturday afternoon handing out toques and mitts. You are the ones gathering people to donate blood, wrap gifts and serve food to the homeless. You are the ones who keep each other accountable to wake up before the rest of the city is awake. You are the ones registering for your first ever 5k and encouraging others to be faster. You are the ones who convince a group of people who have never run a half marathon before, to fly across the world and do a marathon. You are the ones cheering on every last runner at races. You are the ones who welcome people from other provinces and countries with open arms. This happens because you make it happen.

They say that something as simple as a smile can change someone’s day without you even knowing it. Never underestimate the influence that your hugs, high fives or words of encouragement have on others. You may not know who you are giving that extra push to, but I guarantee you, that you are making a difference. Every little bit counts. Some of you may never say a word on the stairs, or never lift a hand for a high five, but I know you have the best intentions to. If you’re not ready to take that step yet, it’s ok. Just know that when you are ready, we will be right there with you. There are so many of you who dream big and want to accomplish amazing things. Everything and everyone you need to support you, can be found three mornings a week. The tribe has proven again and again that they will be there for you.

But we’re still missing so many people here in Edmonton. I know there’s people out there who want to do more with their lives. You probably know someone who thinks you are crazy for waking up so early to run stairs. But I guarantee you that they have no idea what amazing things you do for your community… yet. Help them become part of something real. Something that, like so many of you, change their lives. We will change the way people think about fitness and Edmonton.

May newbies forever be welcomed with hips-in hugs and a loud Fuck Yeah!


PS. The tribe has never been stronger!

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