A challenge- BAL

IMAG0673This…this thing to the left. Yeah, the picture. Look at it.

That’s what 5:30 am looked like this morning. JUST 5:30! Most people don’t even know what 5:30 am looks like, let alone have the initiative to wake up and workout at the time of day. ( I know, i’m a broken record…you get it, I think you’re awesome.)

BUT STILL, it’s kind of cool, right? The cooler part is that all of those people showed up to work out with you.

I know what you’re thinking. No they didn’t. They woke up because they’re looking to trim down for beach season, drop a few pounds before the holidays, sculpt the bi’s, tone the glutes, rip the abs ( you get the idea). Well you’re wrong. Everyone was there because you were there.

Things don’t become awesome by magic. They become awesome because of the people involved. So if you like NP and you try to make it a regular part of your week, know that its only something worth doing because of everyone that is there. There are those key people that you like seeing and get you through your workout. You look forward to seeing them in the morning and when they’re not there you get a little disappointed. It’s important to know that you may very well be that person for someone else. 

So here is the  challenge. Meet someone new every every Wednesday and Friday. If you were suddenly given 200 awesome people to get to know, what would you do with that? Would you make friends and go volunteer at a homeless shelter, build a house for habitat for humanity, start a kickball team, launch a startup tech company? Maybe you’d just get together to play board games. Maybe you find someone who really likes an obscure Japanese comic you were pretty sure no other American could possibly be into. The challenge is to make a conscious effort to learn something new about a stranger.

My point is this: Don’t waste your morning. You are super important to someone trying to get through their workout. So engage  people  and go make awesome things happen. Next time you have to do a hoistie make sure you learn that person’s name, tell them about your hobbies, ask them if they know where the best burrito in town is.  NP is a catalyst for great things. So go ahead and take advantage of it. Go ahead, love people.

Ramblings over.

Remember, take big bites out of life. Forever. Always.


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