A Bojan, A BG and A Sebastian (IND)

Great minds think alike as Sebastians run amok this week across the #Oceans23. #SebastianTakeover. But first we channeled The Boys, aka the #Mothership; with Bojans (duh) per the official NP Vocab: “#13. Bojans: When you and a partner duck, crawl, down-dog, and FLY OVER one another” and a BG. Wait—BG has an exercise?! Yes—it’s known as Mr. Birdman. Also per the official NP Vocab: “#9. Mr. Birdman:  A group game that can be played at all times in all locations of this world. Put on the Mr. Birdman goggles and catch eye contact with other members. If they look into your eyes they must lay down on the ground for 5 seconds no matter where they’re standing.”

Thus the south stairs were our playground; tribe members ran up to the gold door and to a landing where they paired up for Bojans. Tribe members then ran down to the parking meter, hit the planters for tri-cep dips, repeating the circuit while Birdmanning (yep—it’s a verb) each other. If you are Casey, you thank people for Birdmanning you. #HoosierHospitality.  If you are KGergs you call wusses out for NOT Birdmanning you. #BirdmanMeDammit. Even the photographer got Birdmanned, several times. Many five second savasnas were taken by all as Danger had zero fun with it.

Oh—and then we did a Sebastian, per the official NP Vocab:  “#12. Sebastians: 7 minutes of all out burpees. Break 100 and you’re moving pretty quick.” If your name is Colleen, Rem, KGergs, TonyTone, Olly, Naked Dan or Stew you did TWO Sebastians, because you did BOTH the 5:28 AND 6:15 workout! Record your number of burpees in the Sebastian on the tracker. If you are traverballing (also a verb: travel + verbal = traverbal) to #NP_IND this week, that means 4 Sebastians so far…will there be more in #NP_CHI on Friday? Read their blog to find out!

The #RaceDay #WinnersCape went to Lindsay with her 57 second negative split last week. Congrats!

2014-10-02 00.05.43

Mugshots happened today. Get ready to change that profile pic on all the profiles.

co-leaders 2.0



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