A 1 year anniversary

Fifty-two Wednesdays ago, a new movement started in Ottawa. Happy Anniversary to Work it YOW. This was the first day of something wonderful for our city. This time last year we started pledging to be a November Project city and started gathering a community of wonderful people. The only reason it continues on week after week is because of you. Those of you who just keep showing up. Maybe it’s once a month, maybe it’s every Wednesday, but this thing wouldn’t work unless we had you. It’s because of you that you can say for certain to anyone you talk to, that you will never work out alone, that you can guarantee that people will show up, you will always have someone to run beside, to push you, to encourage you. There’s never any doubt in your mind that no matter what the weather, the location, the time, the things going on in life, that no matter what, you will have people ready to welcome you with open arms. On days when you have lots of energy, you pass that along to others. On days when you wake up a little low, you can pretty much guarantee to bit a little bit more lifted when you leave. Whether it’s the movement, the endorphins, the fresh outdoor air, the early morning rise, or the people, it does something to you. This shit is good and it’s why 44 other cities around the world are doing the same thing and using free fitness to build community.

Thank you for one year of hugs, smiles, countless burpees, PR days, Canada 150 celebrations, the inaugural bridge month, -30 days, sunrises, doing weird things, getting out of your comfort zone and mornings well spent. When that alarm goes off, it may feel early and it may look dark, but it’s so much brighter when you get up and go and #justshowup.

This morning was another workout during bridge month and no better way to celebrate the 1 year anniversary and love for NP/Workit YOW than on the love lock bridge (Corktown Footbridge). We ran hard and held some pretty amazing poses, and shared a hug or two in between.

Thank you for sharing your time and energy with us NP, happy anniversary. Here’s to another year of free fitness and making our city a better place. Here’s to bringing “soles” together. Until next time,

Liz and Lauren

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