.9 of the Workout (YEG)



Monday’s workout will be at the north end of the Legislature at the stairs. lululemon is coming out to join us with a shop challenge. Be ready to sing.

Go here.

December 23 is Sunrise(?) 6k, we’ll race our asses off for your third ever 6k race, some your second and some others, your first.

Today was one of the days when I was on night shift and wasn’t relieved early enough to make the start of the workout, so this is .9 of the morning. I missed the bounce so I’ll just pretend that it never happened. Jen and Nadim are really good at this thing by now but I’m pretty sure that there was no fuck yeahs.

We ran up Walterdale Hill, swung around the light pole at the top (my fav part), then ran back down. There were lots of high fives and inspiring talk. There may have been a jerk comment thrown out there but it was warranted, sorry birthday boy but you deserved it! He was still smiling though, that’s that he does.


After a very well deserved half hour (25 minute) grind up and down the hill we yelled at some guy who threw a glove in the air, who knows where it went, Nadim might still be looking for that thing. We then gave each other polar bear hugs and I’m not sure if everyone knew what those are because I got a few very real normal hugs, still works.

Thanks to everyone who came out to MEC last night, I’m sure Jen had a blast talking with you and I hope you got some good gifts for those on your Christmas lists.

Have a good weekend, see all your wonderful face Monday!



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