9 3/4 Hills for Breakfast (BAL)

Baltimore has some good-looking, sweaty residents. Really. Like really really ridiculously good-looking athletes, hidden under our very noses. They may be under our noses because they are on the ground doing 8.5 burpees and 9 3/4 squats, but when they finish you’ll see them. Seriously, you guys – you guys rock and push those hills like Criss Angel moving a mountain with magic. And the whole time you look hott. That’s a double ‘t’ like we are in high school again passing notes as folded footballs checking off yes, no, or maybe. Not that that’s what NP is about, but you can’t ignore that fact when you smile at each other running down the hill, sweat rolling down your cheek, and encouraging each other the whole time. I know there isn’t an NP dating app, but if there was you all would be top notch cuties because you are in real life as well. I mean, I’m going to stop talking and just let you look at some of the faces we saw today. Go ahead.

IMG_3555 IMG_3564 IMG_3579 IMG_3594 IMG_3601 IMG_3603 IMG_3604 IMG_3607 IMG_3501 IMG_3539

Thank you for coming this morning, for being weird, for giving hugs, for wrangling dogs, and for trying to figure out what 3/4 of a squat really looks like. We love you and your hottness – each and every one of you.

See you tomorrow – HolaBird Sports Runner Appreciation Day 9:00-3:30PM.

All the love,

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