88Acres; The Nut FREE, Alarm Clock FREE Household of Lies.

Look Dalton, we love you. We also know you have tons going on (MBA, your “nut FREE” food bar start-up, your wedding in July, and your full-time job at Big Belly). With that said, you need to remember who you’re dealing with when you drop a verbal. BeastHeathens, that’s who. By saying that “we’ll grab breakfast after the workout,” you’ve actually dropped a verbal for both you and your soon-to-be-wife Nicole. Sorry Nicole, you’re the one who signed up for this life of EpiPens and triple backup alarm clocks. You’re in with Rob and the promises he makes to tribes around the world for the rest of your days.

As individuals you’re strong. As a team you may be unbeatable. But as a unit that shows up to November Project after saying you’d be there??? Well, your ass is up on the wall today for a reason.

You two, your dog, and the rest of your cozy world inside your purple home in Allston, straight up broke our hearts this morning when you didn’t show up.

Keep working hard, go with the more expensive floral arrangements, and keep making a product that we will happily help taste test.

But remember Nicole and Rob Dalton…

We Missed You.

PS: We are yelling.

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