765 (IND)

Woo, girl. Woo. Thanks for that ass grab, this morning, really. And that workout…just woo.

Today #UpAndOvers were spiced the f*** up.  #Sebastians landed at #NP_IND. For those who are unaware, a “Sebastian” is seven minutes of burpees, as many as you can do.  Urban legend states the current record holds at 150+ burpees, however and I quote “any man or woman that can do over 100 is considered legit.” Six minutes of lunge walking. Hypertrophy of the gluteus maximus and quadriceps femoris. Five minutes of partner wall sit/tricep dips. When the fire starts to burn…getting that bod Spring Break ready. We even got a little #ElvisLeg going on in Indy this morning. Well done, Tribe!

The #PositivityAward went to Melissa today. Not only because her positive attitude, radiant smile, and gushing enthusiasm for NP, but because she f***ing killed it today. You are legit. Boom.

After 14 months as a tribe, #NP_IND has found the dude—the dude to help me lead the tribe onward. He is tall, and fast and goofy. His name is Dan German, but you can call him DangerMan, or just Danger.

See you next week! It’s RACE DAY! Indiana War Memorial 5:28am/6:15am North Stairs.

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