(7+3)*3=… Umm… (carry the 3)… Thirty!

Print media lives. World Takeover is real. And you have been in lockstep with the Movement for over a year now. As you may be aware, our Fearless Leaders have written a book, which is scheduled to drop next Tuesday, April 12. We received advanced copies, and I have to say that it’s both quite informative AND a good read (not quite up to par with the Silo series, but that’s a story for another day). Get your copy on Amazon, and celebrate with us next Wednesday.

Wisco Notes

  • Volunteer opportunities! Jeremy is looking for 3-4 people to man an aid station for Run Like a Mother on May 8. Let us know if you’re interested. Time commitment would be 6:30-11am.
  • Wanderlust is coming to Scottsdale! Organizers have reached out to us, asking for 6-10 people to help with the 5(ish)k, on May 1. Time commitment would be 6:30-11am.
  • All those brats you ate watching Spring Training? You can thank Sheboygan, Wisconsin: the Bratwurst capital of the world.
  • NPSummit 4.0 is coming! #divanick and #BlueLightning have dropped their verbals. Clear out your schedule, get your passport, and we’ll see you outside Toronto July 15-17.
  • Mondays are a thing. We’re meeting at 56th St and Camelback at 5:59am to run hills through the rest of the month. We’ll evaluate whether to add the second workout on May 2.
  • WE ARE TAKING OVER the Craft Classic half marathon/5k! We’ve secured a discount code, “NPPHX”. The race is October 16, and Huss Brewing will be providing beverages.
I hear the amphitheater is more dog-friendly than the Hollywood Bowl.

March was crazy. We spent a lot of time in costume (ahem, pioneers), playing games, and generally having fun with the stairs. But as you’re doubtless aware, our workouts are designed to be fierce, leaving you gasping for breath and on the verge of tossing whatever you threw down on the way to the amphitheater. Today’s workout reflected that: the classic 7+3, with partners helping each other forge bodacious biceps, killer quads, and amazing abs through wheelbarrow pushups, hoistees, and partner planks. It was rough; but hey, at least we didn’t have to do burpees (full disclosure: I may have had trouble slogging up that last round of stairs).

But you guys still crushed it today. We’ll officially see you Wednesday, and if you just can’t wait that long, unofficially Monday.



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