600 is the Magic Number (YEG)

I can’t think of a better way to start a Monday morning than by listening to Raffi…(thanks Andrew for this little gem)…

& then following that up with the inaugural 600 REP #DestinationMonday Challenge! If you missed this morning…phooey on you but no need to fret (although you did miss out on a epic morning served up with Yerba Mate), you can still set your baseline. You have 30 minutes to complete whatever you can…you must try at least a portion of each exercise and you will need to find a partner (Hoisty-Js and Boyans – btw…that’s the Canadian spelling of Bojans- are always done better with someone else!) We’ll be repeating this challenge every 3 months  so you can mark your progress…we’ll probably add a few rows and have 700, 800 reps as you start to nail this sucker down.

Great job today tribies!! You killed the first 600 REP challenge!!!

600 rep

Constable Faraone has been waiting almost a whole week for some high 5’s…let’s not keep him hanging! See you all Wednesday morning at the bottom of the Royal Glenora Stairs! 5:57 SHARP!

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