50 (NYC)

50 workouts.  50.  Some of you were there at our first workout.  Some remember when we started #SummerFridays.  Remember that workout? Well today we had our 50th workout.  Time has flown by since those cold dark days where everyone was covered head to toe.  Those cold days are coming, but first we work our asses off.  The sun rising over the Flatiron building gave us a perfect setting to start our workout off with a bang.  We had double digit newbies today that got a boisterous feel to what our workouts are like.

Warm-up: When starting a workout you need to get the vocal cords warmed up just as much as you need to get those arms, legs, and the body.  The Mouth is a central point of all November Project workouts. Then we get a little bounce going.  At that point, everyone knows that its game on.  Everything starts with a little bounce.  Working hard with 50 High Five squats, 50 plank jumps, 50 everything.

Our sprints were so fast, we made Superman stand still.



HOMEWORK: Find someone in running/workout clothes and recruit them for Wednesday.  Wear #GrassrootsGear on your run and strike up a conversation with someone.  Meet new people in this city, I think there are a few more people we could recruit.

WEDNESDAY: 5:28 & 6:28 groups, Gracie Mansion Flagpole.  Bring the hype, bring the noise, bring the intensity.  Coacherkamp will be back.  Send him some love.

Wednesday November 5: Fall Yearbook photos.  Check out our Summer shots.  More to come on the festivities that day as well.

More to come, always.

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