NPSF PBR Wednesday

Due to an unexpectedly busy day, there was a delay in writing the blog post today. Kenny Wong, resident model, stepped up to the plate. Here is his account of how the workout went down this morning:DSC_3674
What a glorious day for NPSF as the new and the old including our ripped leader Zip PR’d. However, the CR by Simon Schmidt is still solid and will probably never be touched. Not even if you played LaCrosse for Ireland or if you’re some self-proclaimed B-list ultramarathoner. If/when the record is broken, NPSF will gladly buy everyone a round of PBRs and throw in North Face shirts. With 100 different variations of burpees at the workouts, we hope that no one hurts their back when they kick their feet back to plank. But if you do, we’re glad you signed the waiver. Someday we’ll have some sort of workshop on proper forms. Now it’s time for one of our own to recount their PR experience this morning “Laura and Paddy told everyone to get down on the ground and do burpees — they all got down on the ground. I refused, I was like I didn’t come here to workout, I came here to socialize so — I’m not getting down on the ground. And then the Levy brother pulled out the camera and put it to my forehead and he said, ‘Get down,’ so I put my hands up, did some burpees and I was like ‘whatever.’
Friday Hills will be at Glen Canyon so get excited, get stoked to shred the gnarrrs on the trail folks.
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