Fly Away Little Bird (DCA)

Hearts were broken this morning. Tears may have been shed. There wasn’t anger. No yelling. No lashing out. The feelings were simply disappointment. Hearts FULL TO THE BRIM with disappointment. We thought we’d have fun with you this morning. Exchange laughs, smiles, hugs, maybe a drop of sweat or two. You said you would be there…so we fully expected it. #VERBALS are one of the biggest things that keeps this group going. ACCOUNTABILITY. Being there when you say. Before I say what I need to, let’s recap what probably went down in the last 24 hours:

It all started with a nice little nap between the beds. I’m usually one to sleep on the bed, but to each their own…13618125_10100346397628383_1821075147_nAfter we awake from our nap, we must bathe…and then air dry on the couch.


Depending on what you wear underneath your clothes (if anything) we gotta put that on first, shave our head, and then try really hard to make it grow back.


And I suppose, we stretch. In our warmups. Don’t want to pull anything as the night goes on or get our real clothes dirty. Also, generally impressed with the regrowth of the hair.


Lastly, dress yourself properly (A or B?),









And then we proceed to eat and drink the night away?

   13617964_10100346397583473_1113608329_n13578818_10100346397618403_1837820270_n   13598906_10100346397608423_96451469_n

At the end of the night, you end up turning into a bird and flying to the workout. Despite your greatest efforts to channel Cinderella and have us speak to the birds (you), it doesn’t work, leading us to say…



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