“30 of anything… (YEG)

…except for Jen!”

How many NP leaders were offered up to do 30 burpees at the top of the stair circuit this morning? Today – just one, ME! Thanks Seumas for taking Nadim up on his offer of me completing 30 burpeess with anyone who wanted. Glad we could recruit so many others into the mix.

And what were my co-leaders doing while I was burpeeing away?

  • Injured-foot Nadim was working on his Csorba photog skills – watch for his photographic magic on FB later this evening and please tag yourself, I am still learning names – sorry Rachel for calling you Michelle today, for all future mistaken names please don’t be polite, feel free to correct me or you may forever be renamed…
  • My-hip’s-awaiting-the-knife Ference was challenging Trent to a 30 minute plank off or at least that is what it seemed like as they were in a plank every time I ran by them thus a 30 minute plank challenge is the most logical conclusion of course…
  • Oh-my-tattoo-canvas-is-raw-&-peeling Tyler was teleporting himself around the stair circuit to deliver high 5s, I came upon him suddenly a couple of times as I was expecting him in a different spot, it frightened me, I wonder what happens when he sneaks around his neighbourhood late at night which I imagine he does often, I wonder if people get a little jumpy like I did…

For the rest of you that left it all on the stairs, hill, bunker, lookout point, pathway, pavement, etc GREAT JOB! You started Wednesday off right!! You are the reason that, regardless of our physical states, we choose to just show up! (except when we are out of town…which I will be for the next week…please take care of Nadim and Tyler…thanks!)


Friday – Meet at Ft. Edmonton Park Parking Lot…Friday will be such a great morning that the following bullets are required

  • departure from the parking lot will be at 6AM sharp
  • if you are late you will experience extreme #FOMO
  • plan to be out and about for slightly more than an hour instead of our usual 30 minutes
  • sorry, no pets allowed for this workout but human children are more then welcome
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