30 Cities and 30 Quotes Away From The Launch of November Project The Book

As we roll into the launch of November Project The Book on April 12th, we’re celebrating the many voices that helped build this tribe by sharing out 30 quotes by NP members from around the world. You’ll notice they’re each accompanied by a video of various Co-Leaders doing their best impression/interpretation/awkward-channeling of the quoted tribe member. Some of the quotes are fun, some are funny, while others are a little deeper and make the reader slow down just a bit. No matter the vibe, we hope you enjoy these slices of life and that you can help spread the word about #NPthebook and all the voices it represents. Enjoy.

“Question: What if I forget my wallet/ID/jacket/pet parrot at the workout?
Answer: Don’t. But if you absolutely must, it is likely that one of your lovely, committed co-leaders — who are the last to leave and first to arrive — saved it for you. It is, however, not in their job description to babysit our belongings, so by all means, never let the likely possibility that they might pick them up if you left them become an incentive to forget ALL OF THE THINGS. You might want to brush up on the lyrics of “I’m A Little Teapot” or practice your Hokey Pokey moves, since you’ll have to make a fool of yourself in front of the tribe to get your stuff back.”

From DC Tribe Facebook page

“In a city full of people with attitude each and every person arrived and exchanged hugs with one another. When we started to bounce and then greet each other, people were genuinely glad to meet you. None of these superficial introductions. I was worried that this would be a phase, that I would be forgotten, or that it was just a mirage. But the more I attended workouts, the more I felt a part of a group, a family, a lifestyle.”

Kaitlin Fuelling
Digital Sales Planner/Ad Sales
November Project Tribe

“NP wants you to fly your freak flag proudly, and now I can’t seem to put mine away.”
Sam Livermore, 27
Freelance Designer
November Project tribe

“I distinctly remember getting home and getting out of the car and walking up the stairs to my apartment and I looked down and I could see my calf shake and I got to work and I definitely hadn’t eaten enough and I got like the biggest headache in the world. But I still loved it.”
Derrick Shallcross
Profession Father & Non-Profit Fund Bond Agent
November Project tribe

“My first workout on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial was like I walked onto the biggest, most glorious, baddest­assed playground imaginable; and all my buddies were there. These people I’d never seen before weren’t strangers. They were friends I just hadn’t met yet!”
Chris “Can Of Spaghetti” Cantergiani, Television News Producer,
November Project Tribe

“When we pledged, we were taunted with delaying our start date to spring or summer because it’s “hard to grow through winter” and “It’s dangerous to be out in such cold weather.” Our tribe is weatherproof and strong. I have never seen so much enthusiasm in ­30 as I have at NP_MSP. It’s incredible to see these people show up and push one another in these extreme conditions.”
– Holly Reiland
Graduate student
November Project Tribe

My first workout was the Friday after New Year’s Day. At the end of the workout, I ran home just wondering to myself what it was that I just did exactly. I didn’t know but I knew I wanted to be a part of it. All day, I was on this high that I couldn’t explain to anyone else even if I tried.
Julia “Soon To Be Turbo” Griffith, Project Coordinator, November Project Tribe

People at work ask me how I can get up so early, get out in any weather, do the stadium, hills, (and when I was traveling, memorials, parks etc), then go to a full day of work (and while traveling, meetings all day) and have so much energy when they are fading by 2:30pm. I tell them “because I played more today that you will all week ­ and I’m gonna do it again!” Then they don’t think I’m that insane.
Dave Reich, software development director November Project Tribe

“My most memorable workout was the Friday after Thanksgiving 2014 hills workout in Marin. I almost turned around and went home because all the parking spots were full but I was determined and parked farther away. The views were gorgeous of the bridge and the fog, people were saying good job as we passed on the single lane trail. After, I was able to join the group for breakfast in a quaint cafe nearby. Everyone socialized with everyone, it was great to feel so included, really a part of the tribe.”
Kat Ems, IT Professional, November Project Tribe

“I think it has helped me understand love. Obviously everyone has a different idea of what love means, but I think for a long time—in my mind—it was reserved for family, or girlfriends/boyfriends. There are no hard lines that determine what is between two people. There are a lot of people at NP to whom I can say, “I love you,” and really mean it.”

Dylan Ladds, 27, Filmmaker, November Project tribe

“November Project, to me, is the way that I can connect my upbringing of family by blood and family by choice to my present day family that I am creating. Ask my children who November Project is and they will respond with a list of people they love. Ask my kids “Who loves you?”; “Who do you love?” and “Who’s in our family?” and they will respond with that same list of people. November Project is family to us. It’s giving my children so much relational wealth. It’s giving my children a diverse, unique and very personal idea of what family truly is. It’s giving me all of that, too.”
Jordanna L’Esperance-Chouinard, School Psychologist, Mother, Runner, November Project Tribe

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