Keep Shining 🎨 (YEG)

Well, this was the last Monday in April, which means the inaugural Mural Month has come to a close. I don’t know about you, but I think Mural Month was really fun. We learned some things and visited some brand new locations, including a couple back alleys that I could never have imagined we’d ever host a workout. Today, we even had a special guest – the artist herself! (Thanks for coming out Ashley!) read more

Check-in (YEG)

Was today the last Royal Glenora race day of the year? Who knows! You’ll just have to wait and see. But don’t worry you’ll find out soon enough. I can say with certainty that we are as excited as you are for the months ahead.

As the summer picks up and the FOMO becomes real around all types of events and activities I highly encourage starting the practice of checking in. I know as my calendar starts filling up I can see the where the stress may come. Manageable stress sure but I want to try and do better with this. To not focus on the perception of my life but how I am actually living it. read more

NP Transitions To Volunteer Run Operating Model

Y’all Good?

Today we’re sharing some updates as it relates to November Project Global. If you have questions about anything in this blog, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your city’s Co-Leader or contact us here.

Effective May 1st, November Project will move from a Paid Employee operating model to a Volunteer Run operating model

After a thorough review, the Board of Directors has decided to transition November Project to a fully volunteer-led model. This means that the Board members and various committees composed of retired and existing Co-Leaders and members will be stepping up to run the show together, embodying our core value of “Lead Together!”

While some of the nitty gritty details of that are still being fleshed out,

the most important thing we want our communities to know is that this will not have a noticeable impact on the day-to-day operations in your city read more

The Most Awkward Workout Location Ever (YEG)

When Rob and I made our schedule of Monday workouts, way back last fall, we added in a few locations that NP has never been to before. We figured Mural Month would be a great way to explore new and interesting places in our city. One of these locations was the Joey Moss mural.

This mural isn’t new – it was created in 2008 as part of a “Giants of Edmonton” campaign by 630 CHED, where people could suggest Edmonton icons to be painted as murals. (Thanks Maria for sending me this link. Oddly enough, I used to listen to 630 CHED a lot growing up and I remember them doing this initiative so this link brought back an old memory.) However, despite Joey Moss being a huge icon in our city, there’s a pretty good reason we’ve never done a workout here before: it’s in the middle of a steel plant along a major arterial road. Not really the first place you’d think to hold a workout. When we arrived today, Rob and I agreed that this was the most awkward workout location ever. read more

Gratitude (YEG)

In lots of the blogs I’ve written I’ve talked about how this collective community of individually amazing humans are the bedrock of why NPCan is around “it wouldn’t be possible without all of you.” That certainly hasn’t changed but what’s a bit more rare are actual call outs. Highlighting some individual actions that made me smile. To be super duper clear – your presence is enough. Being present is what makes people’s day and it is what allows people to form connections. If I didn’t include your name below that is not because I don’t see the hard work you put in. I see you. The complements I’m giving today are purely an effort to just give more compliments read more

Not That Girl Anymore

CONTENT WARNING This post discusses child abuse, child sexual abuse and disordered eating. Resources for support are listed at the bottom of the blog.

Having a community in the best of times is wonderful, but we also strongly value being a community that sees each other through challenging times and accepts one another in the completeness of our experiences. Today we’re proud to be sharing a special guest blog from November Project NYC member – and recently published author – Patty Cabot: read more

Mural Month (YEG)

In case you haven’t yet heard, we’ve officially dubbed April “Mural Month”. Rob and I actually planned this back in April. We thought it would be a fun way to explore new places in our city.

Last week, we visited the 6-story colourful dog (or is it coyote? maybe a wolf?) mural in Old Strathcona. That one was painted in 2018 by Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel. Word on the street is that workout was pretty hard. read more

Come On Down To The Plank Pony Club!

The Plank Pony Club
God, What Have You Done

Planks for All

What do you do when you only have 10 minutes but you need to get in a quality workout? Hey, we get it! We’ve got you here with another great #fullyvirtualfriday. When you have to go quality over quantity there’s one move that works every muscle in your body and that is the plank! So come on down to the Plank Pony Club, where every move is a plank! read more

Last week of lights (YEG)

There isn’t a hard cut off for when we stop attaching our 12 bike lights to the railings of the Royal Glenora stairs but the rule of thumb has always been whenever the day comes that they aren’t needed at about the halfway mark of the workout. Well today was that day so no more charging up those suckers Tuesday night until next winter season – woo!!
read more

Like, Comment, Subscribe (YEG)

Oh hello there! Thanks for checking out this edition of our blog. Welcome to the start of MURAL MONTH!!!

I just wanted to let you know today, that we have a new location for posting our Friday vlogs. We’re now putting them directly on Instagram, on a brand new account: @tailgate.talks

When you have a chance, check it out! And if you’re a fan of our weekly vlogs, feel free to give us a follow! read more