The Sun (YEG)

The sun was definitely at the workout this morning and Lazina was definitely evoking the safety third mantra with that bounce and group photo 😛 haha. Wild how contrasting our first worked out at Tawatina Bridge was in comparison to today. From the dead of winter to sunny summer mornings it definitely makes me appreciate the warm weather while we have it. To help drive that point home the current sunrise data/predictions has the last workout with the sun visible being only 2 months away (Aug 24)! The last workout with actual light during the workout is only 3 months away (Sept 14)! Obviously it’s not all doom and gloom but it is a great reminder to cherish the summer we have and make sure to get out and experience while we can. The workout this morning while brightly illuminated did not detract from my muscles screaming at me. Star jumps into sprints, shaky planks while waiting for someone to tag me off haha it all was….amazing. Plus being able to have the time to connect with a new person each round really was the cherry on top of the morning. I hope you had fun too! Be sure to check the announcements and the end of this blog – there are some key things to know. read more