The 26.2 Elephant in the Room

I want to start with an apology to everyone that saw me on race day that I failed to see in the eyes. To those that were there for me when I wasn’t there for myself. And to those that showed up big time.

I am super happy you showed up!!! And grateful for the support you brought.

I had big ideas about a spring Marathon. Not just that I was going to run but I was going to run right. Put big (I guess little?) numbers on the board, and pave the way for next springs races. This involved a lot of training, a lot of early mornings, a lot of evening snacking, and a lot of nervous nail biting (my poor cuticles!!!). read more

Just three hours down the road

So? How was this morning?

I missed an epic stair workout didn’t I? There looked to be a lot of sweat, hard work, and smiles. On Global Running Day no less!

I too was at NP this morning…. in Calgary.

Yes friends. I had the good fortune and honour of welcoming back Calgary into the global November Project famjam. Yesterday, our good friend/NP Canada legacy leader, Nadim, reminded me that not many people have had the honour of welcoming in a new NP city into the fold. He reminded me to soak it in. What a friend huh? read more

Transition Time (Ottawa)

Happy Global Running Day! It’s been a jam packed week of fun run times in the Nation’s Capital (and it’s not over, if you’re attending the event tonight with OCRC & M2M). Congratulations again to everybody who raced on the weekend, and congrats to everyone for showing up this morning, despite the uncertain forecast, for our first Sunrise 6K of 2022! We may not have seen the Sunrise, but your smiling faces sure bring light up a gloomy morning.  read more