What. A. Morning.

Holy shit.

We’re all back. It’s been two long years and well, we’re right back at it.

Commonwealth. #stadiumstairsforbreakfast

How did that feel? How are your legs almost 12 hours later? You good? You smiling? You enjoyed the sunshine hitting the stadium stairs?

So…. I thought I’d be nervous this morning. read more

Happy 5 Years (Ottawa)

Five years ago yesterday November Project Ottawa had our first workout as an official “November Project” group! It was a beautiful day, not unlike today, the sun was shining, and a group of happy soles came together for 31 mins of free fitness. It wasn’t all that different from the week before it, except now we had three things – a new name (previously we were known as Work It YOW), the official November Project stencils to tag our shirts with, and the Positivity Award. Today, it was my honour to present the PA to Barbara who has been part of our community for several years now, and who always brings an open mind and open heart to all that she does. She did a wonderful job leading us in a fun and creative birthday party workout this morning! read more