Looking Back, Moving Forward

Table Of Contents

  1. Black Owned Business Crawl Recap
  2. Pride Month
  3. Ruff Ride Philly

Black Owned Business Crawl Recap

Saturday, May 21st November Project Philly held its first ever Black Owned Business Crawl – a 5 mile run to Black Owned Businesses around the city of Philadelphia. As unique of an idea as it may sound, Black Owned Business Crawls have become a great way to garner support for Black and Brown owned businesses around the nation. However, to put our November Project stamp on it, we integrated aspects of other Black Owned Business Crawls with a well known Storytelling event format known as “The Crate Escape” – an event where participants ran from location to location to hear theme based stories from people within their community. This style of event not only encouraged patronage, but also fostered connection, curiosity, and exploration in a way that provides opportunities for greater visibility, appreciation, and support of black owned establishments. Listed below will be information about the businesses that participated along with some ways YOU can support them moving forward. If you are attending the November Project Summit in Philadelphia this September, I highly recommend you take notes. 😉 To begin the event, the group met up at REC Philly which is located at 9th and Market St on the 2nd floor of the Fashion District mall in Center City. read more

Feeling Good (YEG)

“I am going to have a good day.” I didn’t know if I was going to have a good day this morning but regardless this was my internal monologue as I was walking away from the stadium. It was an easy phrase to think of because I know that after a November Project morning it is really hard for me not to have a good day. I know this because my body knows what waking up and moving past the draw of the cozy bed gets me – it’s going to make me feel good. We’ve heard the phrase before “I never regret coming once I am here,” or something like it and I couldn’t agree more. Mornings are not easy (at least not for me), I love my sleep and even after all this time turning off the alarm in the morning is not any easier. Yet my brain moves past its limbic friction and I get out the door. The happy brain chemicals move the body (I am no scientist so I will try to explain it further or potentially misquote other people). Andrew Huberman coined the term of limbic friction and while I am not going to comment on its validity, I will say that I get it. I get that I can logic my way into getting myself out of bed knowing that I will feel better having done it. As the day comes to a close I can say with confidence that today was a good day and that it wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for NP. I hope you had a good day too. read more

To Really Be The City of Good Neighbors

In our workout last week, we acknowledged the horrific shooting that happened at the Tops grocery store on Jefferson Ave on May 14th. This was a blatant terrorist act rooted in white supremacy which we wholeheartedly condemn. It still hurts and is unbelievable that this happened, but we can’t let that disbelief blind us to where hate and racism have been able to grow.  read more

The Convergence of Race, Mental Health, and Co-Leadership

I remember when Emily and Capozzi approached me to discuss coleadership. My initial reaction was “there’s no way I can take on that huge responsibility on top of everything else”-that “everything else” referring specifically to the multiple doctors appointments I attend every week for both mental and physical health conditions in addition to working 3 jobs. Those closest to me understand that these health conditions are unpredictable despite having the privileged access to treatment; My life often hangs in a precarious balance between “together enough” and “really not ok”. read more

Life is Dynamite (Ottawa)

This morning we learned a new Korean game, while working out to some awesome K Pop tunes, thanks to Gloria’s creative inspiration! I was listening to the playlist all last night, as you may have guessed from our Dynamite bounce this morning. If you want to have a second listen, uninterrupted by burpees, check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2QfbYbX76jM2piYxWEV8it?si=4a82ad846f32459f  I am confident you’ll be dancing around your kitchen when you do! read more

Cambridge Power and Light

This morning, November Project Boston worked out at one of our favorite spots, the Stata Center Amphitheater. Construction made the space interesting, but we squeezed in, respected our neighbors, and did a good old-fashioned circuit workout, with Bojans, hoistees, running, stairs, skaters, push-ups, tricep dips, split-leg squats, planks, and burpees. If you’ve been around a while, you might remember this location from a previous celebrity shot by Lisa and Adam: https://november-project.com/the-old-man-and-the-sugarmans-celebrityshot-were-calling-it-trust-fall/ read more

What a sunrise it was!

Great suggestion for the suggestion box Kelly! And nice work on the great bounce.


It was pretty great to start and end today’s #Sunrise6k with the sun. That glorious, morning sun!

There were some PRs today, extra pushes at the finish line, high fives all the way through, and a lot of cheering! read more

Sunrise 6km….with a sunrise? (YEG)

“I have a suggestion. Sunrise 6km…at sunrise?” “Ya ok.” 😂 Please note we will happily take suggestions via tissue box at any time haha. This Monday will be a special sunrise 6km where we will actually have a full sunrise in it! Don’t worry we’ll still do another later in the year too. read more

Perfect Match (Ottawa)

What a great Wednesday morning! The sun was shining, the wind calmed down from last night so our game cards were safe, and the slight chill to the air quickly disappeared once we got our bodies moving.

Twenty Eight cards were laid out on the ground this morning – or 14 matching pairs – exercise side facing down. It was interesting to observe the game play as strategies started to shape up. Funnily enough, everybody remembered exactly where the Burpee cards were once they were uncovered, but for Glute Bridges I think we had to try three times before the correct match was made. Coincidence or Burpee Avoidance Strategy….you be the judge!  read more