I will laugh in your face

…. I say to this cold.

I mean, when it’s this fresh outside, there’s not much we can say or do accept laugh in the face of this cold, say it’s f*cking cold and I don’t care, and keep doing what we do!

We’ve been here many times before, are here now, and will most definitely be here many times again in the future…. the center of a giant cold snap. read more

Best Laid Plans (Ottawa)

Best Laid Plans: [idiomatic] A proverbial expression used to signify the futility of making detailed plans when the ability to fully or even partially execute them is uncertain.

…sound familiar?

For many of us, this holiday season did not quite go as planned. In person gatherings may have turned back into trusty Zoom calls. Turkey dinners may have turned into frozen pizzas. Some people may have been in isolation, wishing they could re-enter society. Others may not have been in isolation, wishing they could re-exit society. Perhaps your holiday plans DID go exactly as planned, but you were expecting things to fall apart, so you were planning to have to re-plan but didn’t end up doing so…? Needless to say, we have all had to adapt, yet again, in one way or another. read more

NP Continues to Continue (Ottawa)

Greetings, folks!

A big thank you to Erin from the Internet for leading the NP Ottawa community through a killer workout this morning. With new restrictions in place… or old restrictions back in place… or regular restrictions that stay in place…? Whatever version of restrictions are upon us, we have returned to a virtual platform for our Wednesday morning workouts. We are hoping this is a short term switch, but unfortunately our hopes appear to have little effect on this pandemic so we will continue to abide by public health recommendations and do our best to keep everyone moving as safely as possible. read more

16 months later.

First, let’s talk about periods. Because they are important. Period. I had amenorrhea (the absence of a period) for 16 months, but I didn’t see a doctor until almost a year had passed. Why? Well the answer to that question is complicated (which I will elaborate on more in a bit), but part of the reason is because not getting your period is normalized and glorified in the fitness world. I remember one of my high school coaches telling me that she often wouldn’t get her period in the most casual way because that’s just “what happens sometimes” when you exercise a lot. Well I want to say that that’s bullshit. Yes, it happens, but there are many ways to prevent it and when it does happen (because it might), it’s something to take very seriously. These aren’t words I would have said before. I wouldn’t have said them because I was steeped in this culture and thought that my lack of a period meant I was working hard enough, I was pushing myself hard enough, I was successful. I also wouldn’t have said that because let’s be real, periods are not fun. But damn, did I celebrate when mine came back. I celebrated because of all that I learned about the importance of menstruation. If I want to live a long and healthy life and use my body in the ways I want to (fitness related and otherwise), I need strong bones and a strong heart, both of which are seriously weakened by amenorrhea. You can click here to learn more about the effects of amenorrhea from an expert because my knowledge on this topic is still quite limited, but I did want to take a moment to call this out and create space for conversation. Because it’s important.  read more

On the first day of Christmas…

Back by popular demand, the 12 Days of Christmas NP workout!!

Just kidding. Nobody demanded this. Maybe some silently hoped that we would bring it back to make us all feel like things are normal and fine (insert whatever feelings you have right now)? Maybe? Whatever the reason, it was so fun to host something super familiar + near and dear to NPers. read more

My co-leader: A real partner

In case you didn’t notice it this AM, it’s effing cold outside.

I’ve shared this before, I have a lot of trouble with my hands and feet in the cold; I live with rheumatoid arthritis and raynauld’s disease.

Thank goodness for my battery gloves (I know that’s how you’ve spotted me in the winter over the years… and my pink jacket!) which have been a lifesavers to get my hands through these epically cold mornings we’ve been having. read more

Fun + cold= A solid morning

Last night, I sent Rob a text… a bit of a hype for what would unfold this morning at the temperatures we experienced.

It would likely be my first -30 morning co-leading our incredible crew (yeah, we didn’t have a single -30 day last winter… nuts right?) and I was a bit nervous about the cold + my hands/feet, about whether or not people would show up, and about putting people at risk in these extreme temps! read more

Rhyme Time (Ottawa)

‘Twas the night before NP
And Becca didn’t know what to write
No ideas came to mind
Try as she might

And so, as is custom
She took to the rhymes
Which allows one to say everything
And nothing at the same time

“I know!” she said
Alfie can help out
He’s got great ideas
Of that there’s no doubt

But when it was time
To embark into prose
Alfie had other plans
And was deep in a doze read more

New Bridge (YEG)

Come on, how pretty is the new Tawatina bridge! The added challenge, to the bridge war workout, of telling your partner one piece of art you saw along the bridge really made my morning. Someone would say “did you see the strawberry heart?” “I saw a beaver,” “I saw what I would call an amoeba,” and they all made me laugh and hunt for what everyone else was seeing! I doubt I’ve ever kept my head looking up so much in run haha. Thank you to everyone for christening the new bridge with a NP workout. In addition, as you may have saw on social media, special thanks to Ryan Brosda and the folks at EllisDon for having NP come run across the bridge while they did some vibration testing. Definitely not a normal request but it was super fun. read more