The Thing About Friday’s

When I joined NP NYC, I was a Monday person. Morningside was an easy run from my house, so I figured that was the best place to start. But I very quickly fell in love with this community and wanted to be a Wednesday person too. So I started to haul myself across town at that ungodly hour we meet, and yet again, kept falling deeper in love with this crazy bunch of humans until I was like “I guess I’ll become a Friday person too.” read more

Cotton Candy Clouds + Updates (Yeg)

There is something about the morning light that I just can’t get over. It just hits different. The wild oranges, the pink clouds from the rising sun etc etc. I know I said it before but damn it’s just so good. We got treated this morning for sure. Great work to everyone for putting in the work and crushing this morning’s workout. read more

Back to School (Ottawa)

Riiiing riiiing the time has come
Another school year has begun!
So grab your shoes and water bottle
Hit the road – no time to dawdle.

You arrived on time, one minute to spare
Your shirt’s on backwards but you don’t care
And before you even pull out a book
You see people bouncing wherever you look read more

The future is lit

The sunrise 6k AND 2021 yearbook photos!

What. A. Morning.

I don’t know about you but I felt the joy, love, and sweat at 6am on this beautiful holiday Monday.

The future sure is lit. We love that you brought it in full force this morning. NP is what it is because of ALL of us- and I mean it. Like each and every one of us. Whether you’ve come once, 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times or more, we all make NP so incredible special. read more

The 10th Anniversary Buff Design Contest

Nearly 1000 of you across the world have voted for your favorite community design for the November Project 10th Anniversary Buff.



Designer: Ashley Bouthillier – Providence, RI, USA (Assisted by Erin Briskie, co-leader of November Project Newport)

November Project has done quite a bit of growing and changing over the last 10 years, so the flowers represent the beauty in growth. read more

Rain is my kryptonite

Since becoming a co-leader, it hasn’t been cold and rainy during an NP morning (yeah, I wasn’t there a couple weeks ago when y’all got rained on…. in Toronto that morning!).

I have been dreading this.

As I looked at the weather last night, I was a bit nervous.

Rain is my kryptonite of being #weatherproof. As a participant, I just stayed home those mornings. As a co-leader, I’d never do that. read more

Dog Days (Ottawa)

Oh hi. It’s me, Alfie! In honour of National Dog Day, which I believe occurred at some point in the near or possibly distant past, I was honoured to be asked to lead today’s workout. After all the noggin pats and belly rubs I’ve received from all of you over the years, it was the leashed I could do. read more

Field Trips and BINGO

Group picture of November Project Toronto

November Project Toronto had a busy August and it looks like there will be more of the same in September! Now that we’ve been back in person for a month, we want to try something new. Beginning at our Labour Day Monday workout on Sept. 6, we’re going to temporarily workout in Riverdale Park East! That’s right, for the rest of September, all of our workouts will be at Riverdale Park East. Meet on the west side of Broadview Ave. just south of Langley Ave. near St. Matthews Clubhouse. read more