It’s dark but bright

I’m getting used to our new covid home for Wednesdays- the FUNicular stairs.

In case you don’t know, we chose this spot with you in mind.

We want to do stairs. We want to do them safely (with covid and all). We want you all to feel as comfy as possible (yeah again… the covid thing).

As the mornings are getting dark though, I’m seeing an added benefit that I didn’t realize before. read more

Play Your Cards Right (Ottawa)

Just like that, another beautiful stadium morning in the books! Of course, this is assuming that your definition of beautiful includes early morning wakeups, sweating, and burning legs (if you’re reading this, it probably does). 

Today, we added some extra spice to our stairs. Small teams gathered at the bottom of each section of stairs while one runner made their way all the way to the top to pick a card. The runner returned this card to their trusted team, who had been patiently awaiting the return of the runner by holding a plank, a wall sit, or some other enjoyable position of their choosing. Based on the suit and number of the card, the team then had some extra work to do before sending the next runner up to collect another card. Not that there are any winners and losers at NP Ottawa – but the team with the MOST cards at the end of the workout did receive eternal glory. Our sources tell us that the team with the FEWEST cards as well as the teams with ANY ARBITRARY NUMBER of cards also experienced the same warm fuzziness of endorphins and bagels in the morning. Precise measurements of “eternal glory” were not available at the time of this blog post.  read more