Rain is my kryptonite

Since becoming a co-leader, it hasn’t been cold and rainy during an NP morning (yeah, I wasn’t there a couple weeks ago when y’all got rained on…. in Toronto that morning!).

I have been dreading this.

As I looked at the weather last night, I was a bit nervous.

Rain is my kryptonite of being #weatherproof. As a participant, I just stayed home those mornings. As a co-leader, I’d never do that. read more

Dog Days (Ottawa)

Oh hi. It’s me, Alfie! In honour of National Dog Day, which I believe occurred at some point in the near or possibly distant past, I was honoured to be asked to lead today’s workout. After all the noggin pats and belly rubs I’ve received from all of you over the years, it was the leashed I could do. read more

Field Trips and BINGO

Group picture of November Project Toronto

November Project Toronto had a busy August and it looks like there will be more of the same in September! Now that we’ve been back in person for a month, we want to try something new. Beginning at our Labour Day Monday workout on Sept. 6, we’re going to temporarily workout in Riverdale Park East! That’s right, for the rest of September, all of our workouts will be at Riverdale Park East. Meet on the west side of Broadview Ave. just south of Langley Ave. near St. Matthews Clubhouse. read more