Safety is Fun, right?! aka: Updated Safety Expectations for Boston workouts (BOS)

I was a crossing guard when I was in the 5th grade. As a student in the highest grade in my elementary school, I was chosen to stand watch over the crosswalk nearest my school during the mid-day transition between morning and afternoon Kindergarten classes. I wore a reflective sash/belt ensemble, I had a reflective crossing flag hanging on what reminded me of a broomstick, and I had learned the song to sing, “Left, Right, Left…Cross” that helped me be sure to look both ways before safely ushering the youngest students in my school across the street. I felt so special because I got to leave the school building during school hours! but also because I had a responsibility to help others, to look out for them and their safety, and maybe even to help teach them how to feel safe crossing the street on their own. Plus, that reflective safety gear was so cool. read more

Together again (Toronto)

November Project Toronto workout in March 2020

After 74 weeks of Zoom workouts, we’re so excited to welcome you back to in-person workouts in Toronto!

Our first workout back in-person will be on Wednesday, Aug. 11 at 6:26 a.m. outside Gates 5/6 of the Rogers Centre. As you’re aware, the province of Ontario is currently in step 3 of the “Roadmap to Reopening,” which means there’s no cap on number of people at outdoor workouts, as long as everybody can stay 2 metres apart. So things won’t be exactly as they were the last time we had an in-person workout. read more