Celebrating Dick Au

It’s time. Time to honour and remember our friend and NP community member, Dick Au. Here’s a piece written by his daughter, Raeann Au.

Despite not being a morning person, my dad, Dick Au, would regularly wake up at 5am, picking up family and friends, to participate in November Project workouts. He started in April 2015 and was a fairly regular participant until in-person workouts were stopped due to COVID-19. Sadly, as a result of his death on June 19, 2021, his last NP workout was in March 2020. read more

Spelling Bee (Ottawa)

Good morning, YOWzers! This week’s workout was inspired by NP NYC… and on top of being a lot of fun, also resulted in sweaty smiles and grammatically questionable outcomes. If you missed out on this morning’s ABCs (or if you want to do it again), here’s what we did:

We wrote a bunch of words: read more