Happy Birthday, we’re 2!

Happy 2nd birthday NP SciMi! Woop woop! Birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to talk about where we’ve been, and how we’ll manifest our dreams for the future, so we wrote this as a reflection on just that. For some people this may be just a workout group, but for a lot of us, it’s become the place where we’ve met friends who are like family. A family of like minded, caring individuals who share a common interest in waking up early, sweating, and building community. This one’s for y’all! read more

Here for it

Stairs. They never get easy. No matter how many times we’ve done them, they just don’t get easier. From what I can tell (and heard from Rob), today was no different.

Yeah, they feel never ending (but really, it’s a solid 30 mins is all)…. especially those last few at the top. But, it’s totally worth it when you walk away from the crew and start going about your day. You got er done. You accomplished something epic while most people were still sleeping. read more

Stairway to Bagels (Ottawa)

Goooood morning, YOWzers!

It’s been way too long since we’ve said this… but wow, there’s nothing quite like stairs for breakfast on a beautiful summer morning! Something about that feeling of anticipation as you look up the seemingly endless expanse of stairs… the confidence and determination that you carry as you start cruising your way up… followed closely by the feeling of doubt that creeps in about 12 seconds later and the instant regret that hits as your legs and lungs wonder what the heck you are doing here…?!?!? Ah. That’s the stuff. read more

Celebrating a Legacy (ATX)

Waffles and syrup; tacos and salsa; kayaks and Lady Bird Lake. There are some things that you just associate together. The same can be said of Gina Rivera and November Project Austin. She has been an engine powering this free fitness movement since the days we were meeting in small groups as Project Austin. She has led through the ups and downs, the different locations (including that year virtually!), the humidity and days you shiver because you really should’ve thrown on some gloves. And while she will always be at the heart of this amazing community, tomorrow is her last day co-leading November Project Austin. read more

Single Digits (YEG)

#Weatherproof may be a thing but I don’t know if I am ready for the single digits yet. We saw the thermostat read 8 degrees at 6am this morning. I put on layers today! I know I’ll be kicking myself when it dips into the negatives but for now it’s still a shock. Speaking of layering it reminds me of this awesome gem of a video from the OGs: read more

Friendly Feuding (Ottawa)

This morning we lined up as two feuding families and tested both our wits and our fitness! As with any family gathering, there were some differences of opinion, some sweaty brows, and lots of laughs. Families can get a little competitive sometimes, but at the end of the day (or the end of the workout) scores are quickly forgotten over coffee and bagels, and a shared love/hate relationship with burpees. read more

The good in people

This morning, our NP crew gathered to acknowledge and enjoy the new Anne Frank statue that was recently installed by the Dutch Canadian Centre of Edmonton- at Light Horse Park in Old Strathcona.

Besides honouring the sacrifice that so many Canadians made in Netherlands’ liberation, this statue also being held up as a sign of the good in people. read more

Sunrise (YEG)

Did anyone else catch that sunrise this morning? Of course you did you were there when I saw it too lol. Did you notice that it only lasted until just after the workout? 10mins tops and then poof, no scarlet reds or crimson oranges. The majority of the city probably didn’t get to see that sunrise and they definitely didn’t get to experience it while going up and down stairs. I am not going to say that you are better for it, there will be a sunrise tomorrow morning, but what I will say is that you made a choice that led you to experiencing something beautiful. read more

Sweaty Scrabble (Ottawa)

It was a hot and sticky one there, but there’s nothing quite like (more) spelling to get us moving in the morning! Last week we gave you the words, and this week you came up with them yourselves in true scrabble/bananagrams style. Let’s see what the crew came up with, shall we?

Early on, we got a glint of feet from team one
Team two kept the faith in spite of the pain… and the haze… ?
Still biding our time for details on team three’s soya … you?
Team four started off in their own language, as you can see by the jsp rb watcr aox cranks

We promise we also worked out a bit in between all the spelling… read more