215 & Global Run Day (YEG)

Today we wore orange and over the last week there has been various news coverage, and social media posts. If you were not aware “the remains of 215 innocent children were found in unmarked graves on the former site of the Kamloops Indian Residential School.” There are people alive today who have experienced residential schools in Canada and I encourage you to follow the below links to familiarize yourself with this history. “Lila Bruyere of the NCTR Survivor’s Circle, said, ‘Survivors have always been clear that the road to reconciliation must begin with the truth.'” The values of the NP’s Community Agreements translate to a responsibility of being inclusive in our community. Inclusivity requires understanding and we can further that understanding by continuing to learn about the land and history of the place we live in. This topic deserves learning and deserves dialogue: read more

215 (Ottawa)

Hey there, Ottawa. So glad that you were able to join us this morning, or get some extra sleep this morning, or skip the workout and tune in for coffee this morning. Either way, we’re just glad to be included in any part of your morning. Thank you to Dean for another fun and creative playlist to make beach day more enjoyable! In case you’re wondering, those lovely faces up there are actually the faces of people who are either enjoying a sunny beach day… or getting chased by a shark. Beaches can be so unpredictable. read more