Red Dress Day + Motivation (YEG)

Today is Red dress day, a day of awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous persons. You may have seen Churchill Square and Beaver Hills House Park adorned with red dresses. In a continued effort to keep highlighting other organizations & events in the running/fitness industry, I wanted to draw your attention to a virtual event hosted by Native Women Running: “Native Women Running was ahead of the curve with transitioning in person races to virtual ones, creating a virtual run in honor of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in May 2019. This May marks the 3rd annual MMIW Virtual Event, held May 5-8, 2021. Run, walk, or hike at any time, distance, place, or pace. Participants are asked to wear red in honor of MMIW Day, as the color red has, historically, been associated with violence and anger and many of these women have died by means of violence. Native Women Running wishes to use the color red in remembrance of these women’s lives because they matter. Get more info/Register here. Check out the event Facebook page here.” I encourage you to follow the links and join the global November Project community in participating. read more

NP Strikes Back (Ottawa)

Good morning, NP Jedis. After this morning’s workout, Phase I of your training is now complete. But before you start ordering your light sabres, there is an important educational component that follows Phase I. You might call it Phase II.

Phase II consists of effectively useless information and fun facts about Star Wars! read more